The Collection |  found objects, photographs | dimensions variable

plaster reliefs | exhibition view at Bildraum07, Vienna, A

southwest | 2017/18 | plaster and paper, found rock | 90x70 cm

south | 2017/18 | plaster and paper | 70x50 cm

north-northwest | 2017 | plaster and paper | 30.5x22,5 cm and 35,5x25,5 cm

Glitches | ink on paper and found driftwood

The concept of archives and collecting is a vital part of Sophie Dvoráks artistic practice and also constituted the starting point for her project and exhibition entitled "The unlikely collision of generally uncoordinated vectors". Dvořák examines processes, traces and structures. The artists collection of found objects deals with formal similarities and spatio-temporal collisions, in order to reflect on the interlocking of time, aging and transformation processes. Fragile plaster relief objects, referring to geological and architectural formal language and drawings are presented in dialogue with found objects.
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